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CUBE Video

Does anyone have a basic configuration for sending video through a CUBE. We are using MeetingPlace but really the first part is that we need to make Video calls from endpoints on our internal networks to video participants on the Internet. The documentation I keep finding is fairly ambiguous.

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Re: CUBE Video


I'm prepared to be very wrong in my answer but thought I would try to help you.

The CUBE isn't going to do that. To call from a trusted device to a device on the Internet basically requires the ability to call an unknown endpoint E.164.

Cisco work on the basis that for outbound traffic their firewalls are H.323 aware so there is no need to engage the CUBE.

Where the CUBE really kicks in is for inbound traffic because the E.164 is known in that scenario. Let me know if your interested in an example configuration for that and I can provide you one.


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Re: CUBE Video

Yes, I would very much appreciate that. The documentation is all very ambigious.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: CUBE Video

Here you go. I hope it helps.


h323-gateway voip interface

h323-gateway voip id ipaddr 1719

h323-gateway voip h323-id


dial-peer voice 1 voip

description INBOUND CALLS TO E.164


session target ras

incoming called-number .T

codec transparent



timer receive-rtp 1200


voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323


h225 id-passthru



zone local invia outvia

zone prefix

no use-proxy default inbound-to terminal

no use-proxy default outbound-from terminal

no shutdown

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Re: CUBE Video

This will help tremendously, thank you.

Re: CUBE Video

Are you dialing by IP, or are you dialing with an E.164 number? The situation is a little different depending on this.


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Re: CUBE Video

Trying to get it working with E.164 because we are going to be hosting external participants using MeetingPlace.

So I have it to the point now where I don't get video going through the CUBE but I do get audio. IP to IP works so the CUBE is still causing me issues at this point.

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Re: CUBE Video

Hello There Huntley-- Did you ever get this up and running. I have the exact same setup and situation, but have

been unsuccessful. I do get audio but video is still empty.  If you have any insight into

this, I would greatly appreciate it.  I’ve been at this for about 3 weeks now; unfortunately at this point I think I’m going around in circles.

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Re: CUBE Video

I finally got it working.  As it turned out, much of my problem had to do with our firewall.  Probably the first thing you need to do is figure out of that is your problem or if it is your config.  So I did come up with all the good ways to troubleshoot.

The tool I found to be the best for this stuff is NetMeeting in Windows XP.  I can't find an H.323 client anywhere for Windows Vista or 7 and they don't put NetMeeting in there anymore, so if you have an XP machine, just hook up a USB camera (CUVA is fine if you have it) and fire up NetMeeting.

Before you do that, you will want to unplug the CUBE and then plug your laptop in that port and give your machine the IP address of the CUBE.  Then just dial out straight IP to the endpoint you are trying to reach because that is the same thing the CUBE is doing as far as the firewall is concerned.

If you need something to test I use the Polycom and Tandberg test sites.  Some of them are hit or miss on if they have them on or not so you just have to find one that you can connect to from somewhere else and you know it works.

If you don't get video that way, then you know the firewall is the problem.  We were having some NAT issues with our ASA that was causing our problem so I can lend some insight into that.

If you do get video through NetMeeting, but not the CUBE then you may actually have a config problem.

But test with NetMeeting first and let me know what happens and I can help you more from there.  I banged my head against the wall for at least as long as you have so I will help as best I can

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Re: CUBE Video


Thanks for the prompt response.  I don't beleive it's the firewall at this point. During the debug with tac we see that CUCM6 isn't able to decode the video codec from the app I'm using. Which is TalkEZ-AV.  So now I've downloaded IPContact by . Well, I'm still getting same issues. The IPcontact app says, unable to neg audio/video codec.  I beleive its either CUCM6 that I have configured wrong, or the apps I'm using. The layout is as follows:

cube via dmz > Firewall > CUCM6 > MP7

My direct email is if you have suggestions about the CUCM setup. (its pretty strait forward, but I'm probably overlooking something. FYI all internal video conferencing works fine. This is for internet to internal video conference via cube in dmz to MP conference system.


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Re: CUBE Video

About all I could think of on the CUCM side is make sure G.722 is enabled.  I know a

lot of cameras use that.

Is the software you are using the internal or external endpoint.  And what is the other endpoint you are using?

The other thing you can try is let the MCU handle it. So set up a conference in MeetingPlace and then see if you can see video that way.

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Re: CUBE Video

I'm assuming the G.722 option is in the service parameter field? The softeware is external (at my desk). The internal endpoint is the MP conference system which should bridge my desktop cam. I can get audio and join meeting but video portion doesn't come up.

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