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CUVA Between Two UC520's

Greetings, im trying to get Video working between two UC520's in a lab environment, ive configured both with the base config, connected a 7940 phone to each UC520 and a laptop connected via the switch port running CUVA and CUIC.

When calling between UC500's using the handset no caller id information is displayed through CUVA however it is when using CUVA in combination with CUIC.

In either scenario i cant get the webcams to trigger although CUVA shows that it is associated with the handset and CUIC.

Any tips would be appreciated.



Re: CUVA Between Two UC520's

You will need to make sure you are using H323. SIP isn't supported until 12.4(22)YB.


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Re: CUVA Between Two UC520's

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately that hasnt worked either, please see the configs attatched, as a last resort i have removed all NAT statements and access-lists on each UC520 and have rebuilt both laptops the only thing sitting between the UC520's is a 3640 with two Ethernet interfaces.

Also not getting any called or calling party information comming through on the diagnostics screen in CUVA on either laptop

Both UC520's are running Version 12.4(20)T2

Both Laptops are running WinXp - Sp3 (Windows Firewall Disabled)

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Re: CUVA Between Two UC520's


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