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CUVA calls fails because of gatekeeper bandwidth

My setup is CCM4.1, IOS GK and GWYs, IP Communicator with and without CUVA

A standard voice call using IP Communicator works fine. When CUVA is attached the call fails.

I discovered that removing the GK bandwidth statement allows the call to work, but the bandwidth statement is correct.

When the IP Communicator w/ CUVA initiates a call, the important parts of the setup are:

1) CCM requests (ARQ) 2048kbps bw from GK, confirmed.

2) CCM signals to GWY

3) GWY requests (ARQ) 2048kbps bw from GK, confirmed (this step is rejected when the GK bw statement is present).

4) GWY finds outbound POTS dialpeer, call setup continues

5) GWY changes bw to 128kbps (based on pots termination?)

6) Call is answered/completed.

Putting "bearer Speech" in the voice-port has no effect. The ARQ is sent before the outbound pots dialpeer is selected.

I can crank down the video quality as a workaround, but I would rather not do that.

Is there setting in CCM or on the inbound dialpeer that can make the gateway request the proper bw on the initial ARQ?

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