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New Member

DMM 5.0.2 Play in future


I have DMM Version 5.0.2. When I trie the feature Play in Future under the Schedule Tab I can not see the calender.

I use a German WIN-XP-Prof, SP3, Java Version 1.6.0.

Any idea?

Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

The Symptoms that you are seeing "Typically" has to do with your BROWSER & JAVA versions.

1. What Browser & Version is the Client using (ie. MS IE 6\7, Firefox 2\3, Safari..)?

* Verify Browser versions against the DMS Compatibility Matrix.

2. What Version of JAVA is the Client running? If there are Multiple JAVA Versions Installed,

What is the PREFERRED JAVA version for Client?

* Verify JAVA by checking JAVA settings or Running a JAVA Checker Tool

3. Is the Problem being seen on Other Clients or Specific to this One Client or Select

Group Clients?

4. When did this issue Start? Has the Scheduling ever worked on the DMM Server?

If so, what has changed with your client?


* Clear the Client's Browser Cache, Remove Security Certificates for the DMM Server, Remove the

Cookies for the DMM Server. After these actions have been performed, Restart the Browser and

Try Again.

* Try Using a Different Browser from the Problem Client. For Example, If you are using IE, Try

accessing DMD with FireFox Version 2.x (Not FireFox 3.x).

* Verify JAVA Version and Clear the JAVA CACHE and Try Again.

* Try accessing DMM-DSM Scheduler from another Client Local & Remote to see if the problem is experienced on

other Clients.

Let me know what you see..

New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future


I have Java 1.6.0_13.

with Firefox 2.0 i can see the calender under the Dashboard, but I don`t see the calender under the Schedule/Play-in-Future tab.

We reboot DMM and VP as well.

With another client I have the same issue.

How can I remove Certificates and Cookis from the DMM?


Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

Please Try erasing the Cookies & Certificates in the FF 2.0 Browser:

- To erase the Cookies, Go To Tools->Options in the Privacy Tab. Select Show, pick the cookies related to DMM server and REMOVE those cookies for the DMM.

- To erase the Certificates, Go To Tools->Options in the Advanced Tab. Select View Certificates->Web Sites Select the DMM Server Certs and Delete those.

Restart Browser and Try again...

Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

Also, Please Erase the JAVA Cache also.

- Go To the Control Panel

- Select JAVA

- General Tab -> Delete Temporary Internet Files

New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

I have the same problem. Having no luck running Java off this one client laptop. No scheduler or DMD or anything Java from the DMM.

Java does not work under Mozilla or IE7

Tried upgrading Java...did not work. Tried earlier version of Java...same issue. Went back to using previous loaded version of Java 1.6.11

Cleared all browser and Java caches, temporary files and certificates. Still does not work. This began about a week ago. It was running fine previous to that.

I have another desktop running the same version of Java but running IE6...Java apps work fine under DMM. I have another Laptop running IE6 and same version of Java and it works fine. I'm beginning to think it has to do with IE7.

Any thoughts


Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

DMD Issue:

In the majority of the Cases the Issue occurs during the Web Launch of DMD from the DMM DSM.

A Workaround Test to Try is to download the Authoring Tool application to his or her Client and try to Run the Application LOCALLY & Natively (JAVA) instead of using JAVA Webstart.

How to run the Authoring Tool locally from Client


* Use FirefFox 2.x as browser

* Click on "Start Digital Media Designer and then download (Save to Disk) the Authoring Tool.

* Change the file extension to " .jnlp " and launch JAVA Natively.

* If this does not work, please capture the screens with the errors also.

Trying the DIRECT JAVA approach and not webstart with Browser will narrow issue down to JAVA. If JAVA fails then we have a JAVA issue or a DMM Server Application issue to trouble.


If all Fails at this Point:

* Gather all of the information Above

* Provide a Complete Detailed Description of the Issue & Error.

* List the Steps Performed to recreate Error.

* List of the Troubleshooting Tips Attempted and the Results.

* Get a Backup of the Database from the Problem DMM Server (Use the DMM AAI Interface)

* Get the Syslogs

(Use the DMM AAI Interface)

Open a Case with the TAC providing the information above.


New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

Here is something interesting that may give us a clue.

Working in IE7; When I navigate to the EnterpriseTV module and then return to the Dashboard or Digital Signage Scheduler suddenly all the Java Apps start working. If I exit and log back in they stop working but if I repeat and go to the Enterprise TV module and return Java apps start working again.

Trying the same thing in Mozilla doesn't work.

Does that give you any clues?

New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

Upgrade your Java application. That should fix it.

New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

Hi all,

I've the same "Play in future" issue with both IExplorer 7.0 and Firefox 3.0. I've installed the last jre and delete all cookies and certificates.

I checked the java console collecting the exception attached.



Cisco Employee

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future


Thank you for providing the exception report. I think this gave me a clue to your issue. In the Current Releases of DMS, Localization support is not available.

In the logs, I see "4485 [AWT-EventQueue-2] ERROR data.ScheduleSimpleDateFormat::parse - ParseException:

java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "Wed Apr 15 23:59:59 Europe/Berlin 1970"

Notice the date\time Format is EUROPE BERLIN.

-> Change the Windows Format & Settings to ENGLISH\US

-> Reboot Windows

-> Launch Browser and Point to DMM-DSM and test again

I hope this helps!


New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future

It's working!

Thank you.


New Member

Re: DMM 5.0.2 Play in future


now I have setup the windows xp formats/setting to english/usa and rebootet, and now its running, but only with IE 7!



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