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DMM 5.0 web interface doesn't work

I've upgraded a DMM from 4.1 to 5.0. This proccess was successful. When I try to access the web interface, the main page doesn't appear. The telnet to the 8080 TCP port responds correctly. It has a static IP address and a FQDN. The DNS server has an entry for the DMM.


Re: DMM 5.0 web interface doesn't work

Have you tried FireFox? It could be a problem with IE7. Make sure forward and reverse DNS is working. And also make sure you are not just using an IP and you have a FQDN entry in your DNS server for it otherwise it will not work.

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Re: DMM 5.0 web interface doesn't work

In the Quick start guide for DMS 5.0 I read the following:

"3. Specify the fully qualified, DNS-routable hostname for the DMM appliance. Select Change, and then select OK. You can enter either the DNS-routable hostname or the IP address, for example:"

So it is possible to work without DNS?

But when I try to acces the webinterface (http://ip:8080/ I see the login page, but when I try to login with superuser/admin I get the following message:

"The Application encountered an exception ( code : 500 ) :: Unabl"

Is this due to the fact that I don't work with DNS?

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