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DMM issue

Dear All,

I have DMM version 5.0.2 that controlled about 35 DMP's over WAN and the DMP's displayed design contains one Video play list and two none video play lists ,the non video play lists integrated with two applications .

my issue is in last Wednesday 35/3/09 the administrator can't access the web page of the DMM server and the DMP's displayed the video only and the problem solved by made a restart for the server .

and the administrator told me that this issue is periodically every month .

so I need a help to know the reason of the problem .

Thanks ,

Ahmed Ellboudy

Cisco Employee

Re: DMM issue


Can you please provide a more detailed description on the Access issue to the DMM Web Admin Console?

Some Questions:

- When the Admin tries to access, Is the LOGIN screen displayed? Can the Admin LOGIN fine? Admin can NOT access certain Pages?

- Was the any Webpage errors shown in the Browser?

- When the Admin could not access the DMM, where the DMPs STILL displaying content? Is the content STORED on the DMM server or external server?

Please Clarify. You mentioned that once DMM is rebooted, everything starts working. Is the correct? what were the EXACT steps used to recover system?



Community Member

Re: DMM issue

Dear Tdeleon,

the below are the answers of the questions you sent:

- the Admin try to access, he did not access to the DMS application and the browser gives (can not open this page).

- When the Admin could not access the DMM, the DMP's displayed the Video files which installed on the internal memory of the DMP's but the two non video play list did not displayed on the screens.

-yes , after rebooted the DMM server ,every things are OK, Admin can access the web page and the DMP's displayed the design with out any problems.



Cisco Employee

Re: DMM issue


Thanks for the update!

- How often does this happen? Is the interval the same amount of days (ie. every 30 days)?

- Steps to follow at next occurrence:

* SSH to the DMM Server

* Select SHOW INFO and Capture Print Screen of information.

Press OK to go back to MAIN AAI Menu


The logs will hopefully gives an idea of what is going on with the Server. There appears to be some services that are failing or stopped which requires a reboot to get things working again.

* Go back to Main Menu, Select Digital Media Manager Control. Select BACKUP DMM.

* The Next step is to OPEN a Service Request with Cisco TAC Center.

Please provide the following information:

- Detailed Description of the Problem

- Steps Taken to Resolve Issue (Work Around)

- Attach the Print Screen Capture of the SHOW INFO of the DMM Server & the SYSLOGs downloaded from the DMM.

- Attach DMM Backup File

The Cisco TAC Engineer can then review the Logs and Setup a test bed with your DB to see if he\she can recreate your issue.

I hope this helps..

Community Member

Re: DMM issue

Upgrade to 5.0.3 will solve the issue

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