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DMP 4305G Password Recovery

What is the procedure to perform a password recovery on a 4305G?

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Re: DMP 4305G Password Recovery

There is not one. Simply use the reset button to take the DMP back to factory defaults.

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DMP 4305G Password Recovery

the reset botton is not work.

the red led is off. but the green led is on all the time.

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DMP 4305G Password Recovery

For resetting you shall try the below steps

-Make sure the DMP is connected to the DHCP enabled LAN and Powered on.

- Turn the DMP around and locate the "Reset" button on the back panel.

- Take a sharp object (such as a Pen, Paper Clip, etc) and PRESS the RESET button.

  NOTE: Keep the reset button pressed for at-least 20 seconds, release the reset button.
        At this point you should see both the LEDs solid and You may here an audible beep.

- The DMP should be in the process of restarting.  Wait for 10-15 seconds. At this point the
  DMP is restored to factory default.  On the attached display, you should see the DMP splash' 
  screen with the DMP's IP address (acquired from DHCP server)

if you are running 2.43.1 or higher then reset DMP  back to factory defaults by using a paperclip in the

reset on the back of the box. 

After the reset, the username/password is admin/default 

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