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DMP - real-time update to transportation schedule

I want Signage to do a transportation schedule that can update info

without reload page. I have the DMP standalone demo files and it only update

info on the page randomly. I also see some php files (tvTemplate.php) that can use to replace

info with external datafiles.

Can these javascripts and php do what i want? (I will not include RSS, because

i've heard it can only update in fix 15mins interval)

Do anyone have a guideline to do this kind application?



Re: DMP - real-time update to transportation schedule

could you please clarify if you require setting up the Digital Media Manager or setting up the actual DMS device.

Re: DMP - real-time update to transportation schedule

Sorry for make you confuse..

I'm looking for how to create dynamic content that can update information on page realtime.

May be via javascript, flash or something else.

New Member

Re: DMP - real-time update to transportation schedule

PHP will do it as well as Javascript. The DMP uses a browser called TVzilla. TVzilla is the DMP's own built-in browser based on Mozilla. It will read a dynamic web page with no problem.

We also have another more sophisticated approach we can represent to you that works with the DMS/DMP. It involves a third party software that exports the Digital signage content as a complete video mulicast. What it gives you is a very easy interface to develop your digital signage content and to easily tie it to dynamic databases and real time data. It has a very sophisticated scheduler that can trigger content events based on the data coming into the data bases in real time. If you are interested in this you can contact me at

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