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DMS-DMP Local Video Playback

Hi all,

I have 4 DMP 4305G, DMM and VP appliance as well, Version 5.0.

The problem I have is how to configure a DMP to play a mpeg-File stored localy on the internal SD-card.

To play with a playlist or a presentation is no problem1



Re: DMS-DMP Local Video Playback

The DMP4305 will not play an MPEG4 H.264 video stream. Check out VLC is open source video transcoding tool. The work around is to Use VLC setup on a laptop or server to transcode the MPEG4 stream into and MPEG2 Transport stream and then set up VLC to multicast the stream to your local LAN. Have each DMP listen for the correct UDP address and port. Hope this works for you.

The DMP 4305 is not capable of running MPEG4 Part 10 which is the H.264 CODEC. The H.264 CODEC delivers an excellant compression with a 50% reduction in file size over a MPEG2 compression. Makes HD across the Network possible and something to consider. When the DMP4400G is released later this month by Cisco we will have a DMP that will play the H.264 CODEC.

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Re: DMS-DMP Local Video Playback


but I mean what must be configured to play a video-file stored on the local SD-Card (usb_1) from DMP!

I ftp the mediafile to the DMP, and configured the path but nothing happen!

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Re: DMS-DMP Local Video Playback

You should not be storing any content on your DMM. All content should be positioned on Apache or Video servers or the DMPs themselves.Playing the content from the DMP itself is not hard to do. Here is what you do.

The internal memory capacity is 2 GB for the DMP 4305G and 4 GB for the DMP 4400G, and can be used to store videos, or other content

To do this, you should:

Activate the FTP server on the DMP

Have read and write permission on the DMP

Upload the content to the DMP's internal memory, which is referred to as usb_1, using a regular FTP client

(Optional) Connect a USB drive or other drive to the USB port on the back of the DMP and upload the content to the usb_2 folder using a regular FTP client

Finally, any uploaded data will create a URL formatted for use on the Cisco Digital Media Designer that can refer to recently uploaded information. This URL will be in the form of:


Create new templates or applications by adding this URL information into the URL media field of the Digital Media Designer which, when deployed, will point to the internal memory and will be streamed locally from the DMP itself.

The administrator can immediately deploy the new design or schedule a future deployment. Each DMP of the group will point to the same address, and this address represents the internal memory of each one of the DMPs.

The work flow is this:

Load all your videos via FTP client to your DMP San Disc Memory

DMM publishes the URL of a Digital Media Designer Presentation, with the video configured, either as full screen or in a zone

DMP requests the HTML page from the DMM or internal web server used for DMD presentations

DMM web server serves the HTML page to the DMP

DMP streams video from the internal memory or the attached USB drive

DMP displays video within a zone or in full screen on the display

I hope this helps.


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Re: DMS-DMP Local Video Playback

Thanks for your help!

It works!!

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