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E&M with VoIP problem


I have this scenario driving me crazy. Central site has Cisco call manager, with one Voice gateway with an E1 connected to PSTN. Remote site has CIsco router with E7M ports connected to the PBX.

From inside if you dial 8 you are forwarded to the remote site and you get a tone from the remote PBX. Then you are able to dial anywhere in the remote side.

Now to allow outside from central office to dial the remote side I have configured an extension to forward all calls to the remote side to get a tone from there.

So for example, if I am at home and I dial my company special line for example 12345678 the call manager will respond and forward the call directly to patten 800 which is the remote side. Once I reach the remote side I get a tone from their PBX and I will be able to call anywhere on the remote side through their PBX.

My problem is that if I dial 800 from inside the office (Central Site) I get a tone and i am able to dial everywhere. However, if I call from home I get a tone however my digits don't get through. All I get is the tone and what ever I enter it does not pass through. From office everything works....

Remark: as I meantioned the remote office has Cisco router with E&M ports and pots configured.

I hope somebody can help,




Re: E&M with VoIP problem

Just to mention I have another remote site with same configuration however using FXO ports instead of E&M and everyting is working from inside and outside.

I am suspecting something to be done on the E&M but why from inside they work????


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