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encoder 1000 and portal configuration options...

I'm unsure if I'm posting in the correct forum, so please re-direct if needed.

Question #1

Utilizing one of the default installs for the Portal and would like to modify it even more. I've searched through the forums and guides and the only modifications it seems to allow include such things as background and title (very limited). Is there a way to modify the code directly (css possibly). Another example of what I would like to modify includes the Cisco logo that appears during the initial launch of the portal in the video window. It only comes up for a second, but I would like to replace it with our companies logo.

Question #2

I have the Encoder 1000 up and running fine, but I have several listed now after creating several Live categories? My question is this. How do I remove the extra encoders that are listed. The only delete option I see is listed under the Encoders and Pull Configurations tab, but it keeps telling me that it cannot delete it because of its current associations. I've deleted those Live broadcasts and categories completely?

Thanks again for any direction or assistance as all of this is completely new for me.



Re: encoder 1000 and portal configuration options...

Create a configuration file for the new application in the container's config directory. You can copy the nwsp.jetty.xml file and appropriately rename it. REfer URL

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