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Gatekeeper with dial-up endpoints

I have a gatekeeper in central site, and some gateways with FXS ports and isdn internet connection. the problem is:

for making a call, It seems I must bringing up dialer interface with "dialer persistent" command. then gateway send GRQ message and register with gatekeeper. how can I bringing down dialer interface and disconnecting the line?

another problem I faced with that is, RRQ messages in h323v2 is generated every 45 seconds on endpoint side (here gateway). therefore, dialer interface always have a traffic and becomes up forever. it takes me a lot of money for ISDN connection. can I change RRQ message intervals?

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Re: Gatekeeper with dial-up endpoints

The RRQ message interval can be changed on the endpoints using the command ' endpoint ttl ' .More on this in the following document,

Understanding and Troubleshooting Gatekeeper TTL and Aging out Process

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Re: Gatekeeper with dial-up endpoints

This will change the behavior for all H323 v1 endpoints, or H323 v2 and greater endpoints that do not include the timeToLive value in the RRQ message. but cisco gateways always set ttl to 45 seconds for h323v2. :(

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