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GRE Tunnel QoS

I have a remote site connecting to a secondary site using a GRE tunnel. The remote site has a second GRE tunnel to the main office. The remote site and secondary site are connected to allow VoIP traffic. I am having intermittent bandwidth issues resulting in dropped calls at the remote site.

Where would a QoS policy normally be located? Should it be placed outbound on the physical interface fa0/1? If the QoS policy is placed on fa0/1 how will it know what traffic is inside the VPN encrypted data? I need to prioritize VoIP traffic to eliminate or drastically reduce dropped calls.

I have posted a copy of the router config with secure information removed.

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Re: GRE Tunnel QoS

Not an expert on this as have had similar issues myself, saw some improvement using the nested policy as reccomended on this link


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Re: GRE Tunnel QoS


You need to use "Qos pre-calssify" commande under tunnel interface and aplly Qos to Fastehternet Interface.

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Re: GRE Tunnel QoS

And in addition to that the QoS on FE must be of the "parent-child" type where traffic is first shaped then prioritized. Not a simple not very reliable setup all considered. But these are the disadvantages you have to accept for doing VPN rather than using leased lines.

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Re: GRE Tunnel QoS

did you get a working solution? I am in same "boat" as you are. I just need to QOS some H323 traffic.

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