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H320 Operational Issues

I have been trying to set up an h320 gateway to access a remote h320 terminal from my h323 endpoint. I'm using a Tandberg 6000 MXP for my h323 endpoint, and a c2621xm with nm-hd-2ve vwic-2mft-t1 for my h320 gateway / h323 gatekeeper. When I make a call from the h323 endpoint to the h320 endpoint, the call connects on the ISDN side, but my h323 terminal continues to ring. It seems like the voip call leg is not being established. Anyway, i'm attaching my configs and some extra info in hopes that someone can help. Thanks.

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Re: H320 Operational Issues

It seems that the loopback test number was the culprit. I made a call to one of our h320 terminals successfully, however it only bonded 2 channels. When I set up the h320 terminal as an h323 and route the call out the gateway and back in to the other h323 endpoint, all 6 channels on both sides come up. I'm thinking it's an issue with calling BRI number for two channels. I set up my outgoing called number list with different variations. It only uses one number from the list, so if I put the primary number at the top, it calls the prim again to establish 128K. If I put one of the other BRI numbers in, it calls that BRI number to establish a 64K call -> total 128 w/prim. If I put any other entries in, it never uses it...

index 1 xxxx (only one used)

index 2 xxxy (not used)

and so on...

When I make a call out and back in the gateway, there's only one number (virtual) associated with all the channels...I set it up this way in the Nortel DMS-100. I think that's why it's working that way, but I'm going to perform some more debugs and see what I can find.

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