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Help with configuration of PIM routing

Hi all,

I am trying to configure multicast routing between two ME3400 switches. I have two questions:

1. what IP address in "ip pim rp-address a.b.c.d" sholud I use on switch that is directly connected to multicast source?

My configuration is:

client <-> switchB <-> switchA <-> multicast_source.

I would like to use L3 functionality and route multicast from switch A to switch B so that client can joing to the multicast using IGMP. RP-ADDRESS on switch B points to switch A. And what abou RP-ADDRESS of switch A?

2. Is it possible to simulate functionality of PIM and multicast routring on one switch? ( multicast source is incoming to switch on vlan 200, there is rp-address pointing to local VLAN 200 interface address, and client is connected on VLAN201 with igmp snooping on the vlan.


Re: Help with configuration of PIM routing

The IP address to be a PIM RP. Only one RP address can be used at a time within a PIM domain. For ip-address, enter the unicast address of the RP.

Use the following documents for more information:

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