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How can I use multicast on IPC-4500E with DMP?

Hi. I'm a junior engineer in South Korea.

I am managing the IPC 4500E with DMP 4310 recently.

I want to show IPC 4500E's view on the LCD connected with DMP 4310, 4400.

Multicast setting is ok on same network. I already tested on DMP4310, 4400 with media Server. It worked.

I can see the movies on the LCD with DMP and Media Server.

but It dosen't work when I connect ICP-4500 to DMP.

when I checked the packets through the Wire-Shark, I can find the multicast packets.

I changed many setting values, such codec(H.264, Mjpeg), Port number, address, enable channel, protocols etc...

But DMP cannot play any streams... why? I don't know more...

I hope your kindness... thanks to read this bad writting.

P.S I know there is cheat to show camera's view with session hijaking through click view video page on the IPC-4500E's web maintain page.

but I need multicast system to this site...

real environment  : doesn't work on both multicast and unicast. worked with media server with cat 4500 and DMPs

IPC - 4500E ------------------------ Cat4500 switch -------------------- DMP 4310, 4400 with LCD

test environment  : only session hijaking is working on VLC player, reached the multicast packets but unable to notice & play on VLC player.

IPC - 4500E -------------------- PC(VLC Player)

* references detailed config posted jpg file

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Re: How can I use multicast on IPC-4500E with DMP?


I have the same problem. I'm trying to play a video stream from Cisco IP Camera 2500 to DMP4310 or 4400 but not work.

Any idea???

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Re: How can I use multicast on IPC-4500E with DMP?

Sorry, no one answer yet..

I have no idea;;

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