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How is the best way to setup toll bypass

We have setup toll bypass to save long distance charges. For example if someone calls from Dallas to Houston, they would go through the data network and come out in Houston and go out their local phone lines. I have set this up by getting a list of all the number prefixes that are local for each location and create route patterns like this: 91.28180[0245789]XXXX The problem is that it takes a lot of these patterns to cover all of the numbers and they have to be updated when the prefixes change. Does anyone know if there is an easier way of doing this?


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Re: How is the best way to setup toll bypass

Configuring and maintaining toll bypass sucks especially when you start talking about doing it on a large scale. If you want everyone to have access to TEHO it is easiest to put those route patterns in a shared partition (IE - PT_TEHO) and add this partition to everyone's CSS. Gets really crazy when you start talking about route groups, route lists and redundancy.

Another option that I have used before is a h323 gatekeeper. This, of course, requires all of your gateways be registered to the gatekeeper but it is much easier to make bulk dialplan changes to an IOS device rather than CallManager.

Hope this helps. Discussing large dialplan design is always interesting to me.


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