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how to force a video connection?

We have a mixed environment with a CCM 5 and an old PBX (ericsson BP250) with a qsig connection.

When a videocall between Cisco Phones is forwarded on an Ericsson phone, it is forced to be an audiocall (qsig doesn't support video calls)

If it's forwarded again on a Cisco phone, how can I force the video connection?



Re: how to force a video connection?

Audio failure-The call disconnects only if the audio connection fails. The call continues if the video connection fails and the audio connection remains. This is the default setting.

Audio or video failure. The call disconnects if either the audio or video connection fails


Re: how to force a video connection?

Are you stating that a video call gets transferred to the PBX and then back to CCM? Of course the video goes away, you transferred the call through an analog only PBX integration.

Even with Q.SIG path replacement working correctly, this may not work, but is worth a try. Be sure that path replacement for tromboned call routing is enabled on the PBX and in CCM (global settings, route patterns, translation patterns, partitions, CSSs)...

Are the video endpoints SCCP (skinny, i.e. Cisco, Tandberg, Sony) or H323?

What partition are the phones and PBX trunks in?

What CSS are the phone extensions in?

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