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I want priority a voice application over the rest

Hi friends,

I have a frame-relay network and I have an application that I want priority over the rest traffic. This application run over telnet protocol. I need that while this application is running it has more bandwidth that the rest of the traffic, and when is not running, the resrved bw will be 0. Which QoS Mechanism can I use? Thank you. Regards.


Re: I want priority a voice application over the rest

You could use the priority command to accomplish this. The priority command can either be configured in Kbps or as a percentage of link bandwidth. You will probably want to match traffic on more that the port since doing so would prioritize all telnet traffic. You could also match based on an ACL. See the partial configuration below for an example.

class-map telnetapp match-all

match access-group 100

policy-map TelnetAppQosPolicy

class telnetapp

priority 100

interface s0/0.10

service-policy output TelnetAppQosPolicy

ip access-list 100 permit tcp host host eq telnet

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


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Re: I want priority a voice application over the rest

Thank you very much... I will test this configuration and I tell you something, ok??


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