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IGMP snooping

Hello to all!

I have come a cross one problem with hope someone can help me solve it or at least give some valuable ideas.

The problem is regarding IGMP snooping with Cisco 4948E swithes. By documentation it is said that IGMP snooping is turned on by default.

However, I was getting all multicast traffic on the port where there is only one receiver, tuned to only one multicast group.

I was able to solve to problem by turning igmp snooping querier option and now it is working ok.

However, I have to plug in a Cisco router (7200 series). In that case the router is the querier.

My problem is that the router is constantly getting all multicast traffic, causing the CPU time to increase and be crushed.

I have several multicast groups on the switch, but want only specific ones to be present on the port where router is connected.

I think IGMP snooping is not working on 4948E switches.

Did anybody else experience the same problem?

The router has PIM enabled and I have managed to solve the problem with access list being put in outside direction but this is not the neat solution.

How can I solve this problem? When I do show int command on the router I am getting all multicast traffic and I want to receive only specific ones with way too lower traffic amount.

Thank you very much!

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