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Internet streaming with CDE network design help


I am  building from scratch a network with services for video and audio internet streaming. It's quite new area to me and would like to ask how I can design a network with CDE205 or CDE220. What we understand CDE205 contains all the applications like the content engine, streamer, aquirer including the content manager but CD220 seems not, I guess here we would need content manager running on a seperate server.

Where can I place our CDE? What I thought is to get ASA5510 with WEB and DNS servers on DMZ and CDE on the internal network. How would ASA5510 cope with the amount of traffic between the web server and CDE? Our internet connection will be T3.

How about QoS? Where would I need to worry about it? LAN/WAN?

Please give me some hints on this design dilema.

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