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IP/VC 3521 peer-to-peer communication with video terminal

My customer already has a Polycom video terminal and requires a video gateway with BRI ports for videoconferencing over ISDN (multipoint conferencing is not required).

Is the IP/VC 3521 gateway enough for this implementation? In CCO is stated that the IP/VC gateway supports peer-to-peer connectivity (without gatekeeper) with devices such as CallManager.

In my scenario, can the IP/VC gateway communicate peer to peer with the Polycom video terminal or do I need a gatekeeper for this communication?


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Re: IP/VC 3521 peer-to-peer communication with video terminal

The Cisco IP/VC 3520 Gateway is equipped with an embedded gatekeeper. The default status of the gatekeeper is disable. You can enabled the embedded gatekeeper to provide H.323-gatekeeper functions for the local Cisco IP/VC 3525 Gateway and other H.323-endpoints on the network.

The embedded gatekeeper is designed for small-to-medium size networks. It can have up to 100 endpoints registered concurrently and handle up to 30 call simultaneously. H.323 terminals can register automatically with the embedded gatekeeper when they come online. Gateways and MCUs must be registered with the embedded gatekeeper manually

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