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IPGW and the ASA

I want to install a 2651XM gateway/Gatekeeper into a DMZ of my firewall so that Internal Polycom devices can register and communicate to both internal Polycom devices and external video conferencing devices. Trouble finding out how to do this? What ports need to be open and can this be done with one gateway/gatekeeper? Documentation I have read suggests two are needed, one acting as a proxy. I only have one unit.


Re: IPGW and the ASA

A Cisco Multiservice IP-IP gateway and Gatekeeper (or MCM Proxy and Gatekeeper) can co-exist on the same box, but a via-zone aware GK is required for an IP-IP Gateway. The IP-IP Gateway is certainly more flexible, particularly for digit manipulation (through the configuration of dial-peers) and integration with Cisco CallManager.

Have all you endpoints register with a local zone on the GK, and then configure remote zones for external gatekeepers.

Then, for interoperability with an ASA box perform a static NAT translation of the GK/IPIPGW box to a real-world address, and allow H.323 Gatekeeper RAS (1719/udp) and H.323 H.225 call setup (1720/tcp) and the application inspection on the ASA will open the required ports for the RTP streams.

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