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IPTV Broadcast Server VOD

I am using an IPTV broadcast server 3423, running version 3.2.24 software, to capture and record daily live announcements, remotely, from an in-house cable channel. Occasionally when I go to create the On Demand program and search for the file, the file is listed in the correct directory, but is not available for me to use. It has the file name but in parenthesis it says "No Media Information". I cannot launch this file using Windows Media player either. However, after I restart the server, a new file capture and recording, creates a useable file. Why does this happen and can anything be done to prevent it? Is there a way to remotely restart the server?

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Re: IPTV Broadcast Server VOD

Occassionally, new files in an IPTV directory will not appear ready for use until the IPTV server "refreshes" its listings and becomes awares of new files. This happens automatically on a periodic basis - not sure of the default time interval. You can force this process by clicking the lightning bolt icon that appears in the upper left corner of the IPTV server dialog window rather than rebooting the entire box. This could be done remotely if you use a remote management tool such as PC anywhere - otherwise you need to be in front of the server

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