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IPTV browser compatibility

We are trying to implement IPTV as our video streaming solution for internal purposes. We want to make programs available via the browser. I have created a few pages with links to video programs but when I try and access the programs with a browser other than IE, it fails to load the IPTV plugin. Any suggestions? I thought that Cisco IPTV was compatible with any "standard" browser. Is that true?



Re: IPTV browser compatibility

I don't have my reference material handy now, so I can't give you specifics, but it is compatible with IE (and probably most Mosaic knockoffs) and Netscape (and probably the Netscape knockoffs).

The issue is how the object is defined within the page. One browser requires the description to be an "Embedded Object," the other requires a different kind of definition. The documentation for 3.1 (and up) had examples that included page layout for Netscape and IE object / class definitions.

If I get a chance, and can find my docs, I re-post. I have browser-based video (on demand and scheduled/multicast) working for both ... it's just been a while since I played with it.


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Re: IPTV browser compatibility


I have some problem with the IPTV plugin because some notebook that I tried to install. It give me this error msg.

"Error 1335. The cabinet file ''required for this installation is corrupted and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading cdrom or a problem with this package."

I tried to install it locally also also got the same msg. I tried on some notebook it was O.K. Any ideas?

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