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IPTV guaranteed bandwidth on a lan.

To whom it may concern,

My network consists of two 6513 switches with a number of 4507R access switches dual homed via fibre uplinks. I need to get IPTV working using IGMP v2. I've trunked a Vlan assigned for IPTV across the network vlan118 but I need to guarantee 10meg of bandwidth across my links for the IPTV Vlan. Can anyone suggest a solution or configuration to use? This is quite urgent now.

Many thanks,



Re: IPTV guaranteed bandwidth on a lan.

on the access switches 4507 do

match the vlan 118 traffic on each port connected to that vlan asmuming the vlan 118 ips is

access-list 118 permit udp any range 16384 32767

class-map vlan118

match access-group 118

qos dbl

! Globally enables DBL

qos dbl exceed-action ecn

! Optional: Enables DBL to mark RFC 3168 ECN bits in the IP ToS Byte

class-map match-any PQ

match access-group 118

match ip dscp ef

match ip dscp cs4

! Classifies traffic mapped to PQ for exclusion of DBL-policy

policy-map DBL

class PQ

! No action (DBL or otherwise) is applied on traffic mapped to PQ

class class-default


! Enables DBL on all (other) traffic flows

! This section configures the DSCP-to-Transmit Queue Mappings

qos map dscp 0 to tx-queue 2

! Maps DSCP 0 (Best Effort) to Q2

qos map dscp 8 10 12 14 to tx-queue 1

! Maps DSCP CS1 (Scavenger) and AF11/AF12/AF13 (Bulk) to Q1

qos map dscp 16 18 20 22 to tx-queue 4

! Maps DSCP CS2 (Net-Mgmt) and AF21/AF22/AF23 (Transactional) to Q4

qos map dscp 24 26 28 30 to tx-queue 4

! Maps DSCP CS3 (Call-Sig) and AF31/AF32/AF33 (MultiMedia) to Q4

qos map dscp 34 36 38 to tx-queue 4

! Maps DSCP AF41/AF42/AF43 (Interactive-Video) to Q4

qos map dscp 32 46 to tx-queue 3

! Maps DSCP CS4 (TelePresence) and EF (VoIP) to Q3 (PQ)

qos map dscp 48 56 to tx-queue 4

! Maps DSCP CS6 (Internetwork) and CS7 (Network Control) to Q4

! This section configures queues, activates the PQ and applies DBL

interface range GigabitEthernet1/1 - 48

tx-queue 1

bandwidth percent 5

! Q1 gets 5% BW

tx-queue 2

bandwidth percent 35

! Q2 gets 35% BW

tx-queue 3

priority high

! Q3 is PQ

bandwidth percent 30

! Q3 (PQ) gets 30% BW

shape percent 30

! Shapes/limits PQ to 30% BW

tx-queue 4

bandwidth percent 30

! Q4 gets 40%

service-policy output DBL

! Applies DBL to all flows except VoIP & video

Although tail-drop or WRED thresholds are not supported on the catalyst 4500, it does support one of the most advanced congestion-avoidance mechanisms in the catalyst family. This congestion-avoidance feature is performed by dynamic buffer limiting (DBL). DBL tracks the queue length for each traffic flow in the switch and, when the queue length of a flow exceeds its limit, drops packets or sets the (RFC 3168) explicit congestion notification (ECN) bits in the IP packet headers. Of course, setting ECN bits is of value only if the end-point applications also support ECN

above base don cisco telepresence QoS design

please if helpful Rate

New Member

Re: IPTV guaranteed bandwidth on a lan.

Thanks very much for your speedy and concise response. I'll have a look through it and let you know how I get on.

Do I need to enable multicasting on the Vlan for IPTV or is this just enabled globally?

How would I configure multicast?



Re: IPTV guaranteed bandwidth on a lan.

u need to enable it globaly then per interface aswel

by the way the above config for 4500 switches

i dont think u have remote sire through router right?

good lukc

please, if helpful Rate