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IPTV Sources


Does anybody know if you can pick up another source for video to IP for encoding, such as a directly attached IP camera? The trouble I have is that I can't be lugging the broadcast server all over the place for encoding and don't want to have to wire the entire building for composite video capability. I just don't see in IPTV how you can input another source for live broadcast.

Any ideas?


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Re: IPTV Sources

What I suggest is purchase a 1200 Vbrick and basically point a shhot your S-video camera or even hook it into the back of a satellite receiver and bingo rtp stream is detected by the Content manager and multicasted to allend users. The only problem is that you cannot password protect the stream so its all or nothing

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Re: IPTV Sources

Any video capture device that supports an IPTV-common codec (MPEG1/2, H.261, ASF, AVI, etc....) and supports RTSP as well as SDP can be an IPTV source. There are a number of vendors that support these characteristics at various price points and form factors.


Re: IPTV Sources

If your building has structured cabling (Cat5, for example), then you can transmit composite or S-Video over the structured cabling system by using an adapter/balun, such as the Avaya (formerly Lucent) 380A.

The 380A is composite video and two audio channels into UTP, with no perceptable loss of quality (at EIA/TIA cabling spec - 100 meters). The Adapter actually allows transmition on UTP for distances greater than the EIA/TIA spec (up to 5000 feet, but with "some" loss of quality).

At that point, all you need to do is cross-connect the live location to the panels feeding your IPTV BC server.

There are a number of vendors with adapters, the 380a is what I've used the most. As mentioned, there are also some providers for S-Video + audio, but I don't have the names available to me. If I find 'em, I'll post 'em.

Good Luck


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