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IPVC 3525/3510 and T120


We would like to use T120 data sharing with an IPVC 3525 GW and an IPVC 3510 MCU, the endpoints are a polycom on the WAN and Netmeeting on the LAN.

We are able to create a videoconference between a polycom and netmeeting

using the 3525 GW and we are also able to create a multipoint videoconference with polycom and netmeeting endpoints using the 3510 MCU.

We have checked the T120 option in the service definition, but the datasharing is not working : nothing is happening and there is no messages in the console.

Is there some limitations about T120 support with IPVC 3525/3510.?

Is it a configuration mistake ?

Thank you for the answers,



Re: IPVC 3525/3510 and T120

T.120 is supported by the Cisco IP/VC 3510 MCU. It is a optional service that can be enabled/disabled by the administrator when creating or modifying an MCU service. I'm not so sure abou the 3525. Could you also take a look at the bug CSCdr20273.

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Re: IPVC 3525/3510 and T120

T120 Datashare is a option that is loaded on Windows 2000k server. After you have this installed you have to setup the GW and the MCU to point to the T120 Servers IP.

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Re: IPVC 3525/3510 and T120

This is not necessarily true. T.120 "top provider" functionality can be provided via the Cisco ASP module available on the 3540 chassis which is essentially a Win2K media server blade. However, T.120 "pass through" service is available on the 3510 MCU without such an assist from Win2k. Top provider is far more efficient than is pass through - but is not a "required" element of data sharing

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Re: IPVC 3525/3510 and T120

Enabling T.120 on the IPVC 3510 requires an initial configuration of the MCU via the console cable at initial install. It is off by default. Once completed, the check box in the s/w config utility becomes relevant. No such config is required on the GW as T.120 becomes a channelized date stream using the same path as the voice/video media.

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