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IPVC 3540-MC03A and H.264

We have an IPVC 3540-MC03A which is a 30 port version of the 3540 with an EMP installed.

We can only run a single H.264 based conference at a time on the system. If we try and run another conference from a service that has H.264 listed (and it doesn't make any difference whether the conference is based on the same service as the first conference or another service thas uses H.264)then it is refused.

We get an error message "Could not create conference, insufficient video resources".

We don't get this problem with H.263, the Cisco engineer has told me that it is a limitation of the MCU but this is not documented anywhere, just wondering if anyone else has experience of this.


Re: IPVC 3540-MC03A and H.264

What error is it? Can you send the system output? What s/w version is running on this system?

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Re: IPVC 3540-MC03A and H.264

Hi, we are running, in the 'Registered MPs' tab it shows the MP is 4.1.7:MP and the EMP is 4.2.8_4:EMP.

When you install the newer MCU software the MP is automatically updated as part of this, while the EMP is a seperate download. We did both to the latest versions about 6 months ago.

I have attached the error.

Thank You

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