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IPVC-3540-MC03A - Settings-number of SCCP ports

This is our unit:

IPVC-3540-MC03A - software 4.0.31

EMP - ver 3.0.5 EMP

MP - ver 3.6.17 MP

Under the MCU gui, setting, the "number of SCCP ports has 3 options----0, 15, 30. I have ours set to 15. In our network we have 10 tandberg SCCP 550 and 770 units, and 2 H323 units (1 tandberg edge and 1 polycom 7000).

When I go to "conference control I can only create 12 total reserved conferences and then it says "no video bandwidth available" Is the 15 setting only for SCCP devices? If I change it to 30 can I get 30 SCCP connected calls but no h323 or set it to 0 and get no SCCP calls. The bottom line is 12 consecutvie calls is not enough for our company I need 25. What if I add another EMP?Thanks for anyones help!


Re: IPVC-3540-MC03A - Settings-number of SCCP ports

You can use the same Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3540 or 3511 MCU for MeetingPlace video integration with other SCCP video telephony endpoints, and a single IP/VC 3540 MCU can support both ad-hoc video telephony calls (SCCP controlled) and MeetingPlace H.323 conferences. In such a deployment, you allocate some of the ports on the MCU to support SCCP for video telephony and the rest of the ports to support H.323 for MeetingPlace. This dual mode is not supported on the IP/VC 3511 MCU. To support both modes with the IP/VC 3511 MCU, you would have to deploy one 3511 MCU for video telephony and a separate 3511 MCU for MeetingPlace Video Integration.

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Re: IPVC-3540-MC03A - Settings-number of SCCP ports


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