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Issues with external calls on SPA9000/SPA400 setup

I have the LinkSys SPA9000 and SPA400 setup with a connection to a standard UK analog line from BT. The two IP phones and an analog phone on one of the FXS ports have registered just fine and ext. to ext. dialling is working just fine. The SPA400 has registered successfully. I also connected the SPA400 to the phone line and it has registered as well.

When I dial the line number, it rings one of the IP phones (as expected). However, this is where the problems start. When I lift the handset to answer the call, the calling phone is still ringing and the answering phone has no audio through the handset.

Furthermore, despite having the standard UK dial plan ((<*97:vmm>|9,xxS3|9,xxxS3|9,[1-9]xxxxxxxxS0|9,xx.|[2345678]|[2345678]x|[2345678]xx|[2345678]xxx)), the phones do not call out. They get the secondary dialtone with the '9' and then error out with a message of 'Service Not Available'.

This is getting quite urgent for me so any prompt assistance would be appreciated!


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Re: Issues with external calls on SPA9000/SPA400 setup

Resolved by using an ISDN gateway instead!

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