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LNC Bias on DVBS cards in D9900 DCM


I have a D9900 DCM with several DVBS reception cards in it (DCM-DRD-4SAT4CI). Each of these cards has 4 satellite cable ports in it. My intention is to use it to receive TV from the Astra satellites located at 28.2deg East, as listed on this page:

All of these transponders have vertical or horizontal polarization, and my understanding is that this means the LNC requires a polarization voltage (13v or 18v). To provide this on the D9900 config UI, it seems I have to enable LNC 'bias' on each port.

My problem is that it will only allow me to enable bias on ports 1 & 2 on each card, which means I can't get ports 3 & 4 to lock onto a transponder.

Does anyone know if there is any way to configure ports 3 & 4 to receive TV from these Astra satellites?



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I have the same problem. My

I have the same problem. My limited solution is that i am using coax power-pass splitter.

One power-pass splitter have one INPUT (satellite) and two outputs to receiver. When you put power to output 1 it will pass it to output 2. 

Limitation is that I configured same polarization and satellite (not frequency) for RF1+RF3 and  RF2+RF4. Then I have enable bias power  on RF1 which also bring power to RF3. I did the same with RF2 to pass power to RF4.

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