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MCU register with GK

The MCU is not registered with GK properly, it is not in online status when i check the Zone definition page on embedded gatekeeper of VGW 3525. Telnet to VGW and found register reject error like:

| [73593739] >

< GK: 0204:25:16 **************************************************************

********************* [73593739] >

< GK: 0204:25:16 Rejecting transaction with reason 12 [73593739] >

< GK: 0204:25:16 clearing registration number 6 [73593740] >

< GK: 0204:25:18 [73593944] >

< GK: 0204:25:18 _______________________________________________________block 3

46089 [73593944] >

< GK: 0204:25:18 Gatekeeper Request from ip [73593944] >

< GK: 0204:25:18 New message sent ->Gatekeeper Confirm to endpoint: [73593945]


< GK: 0204:25:18 aliases or addresses in message are already used by other endp

oints. [73593951] >

< GK: 0204:25:18 **************************** Registration Table **************

********************* [73593951] >

Did any one have the similar problem? Any direction to fix problem.


Re: MCU register with GK

Following show and debug commands would help to identify the problem.

show run

show gatekeeper endpoint

debug h225 asn1

debug h225 events

GK: 0204:25:18 aliases or addresses in message are already used by other endpoints. [73593951] >

However, the above message means other endpoint has registered with same e164id. for e.g., If another endpoint has a dial-peer matching 73593951 it would have registered this e1641d. So if a new endpoint tries to register with this e164id , registration fails with the above reason.

Make sure other endpoint do not register with e164id 73593951. In case the other endpoint is H323 gateway, we can do this by issuing "no register e164" in the corresponding dial-peer.

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