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MeetingPlace 7 Questions

Posted this under another forum topic but it looks like this one has a little more MP action.

Couple of questions about MeetingPlace 7.

-What is the best way to provide fault tolerance to the MP web servers? Can you front end with a CSS/ACE or is it best to just have multiple DNS 'A' records for all of your web servers.

-If you enable SSL on the web server itself it significantly decreases the capacity of the server. Is it possible to offload the SSL duties to a CSS/ACE? If so, how have you configured this?

-What is the purpose of the two IP addresses required for each web server? In 'Home | Administration | Web Server' it says that one is for 'Home Page' and one is for 'Web Conferencing' but you can go to either address/hostname and you get to the web interface. Any insight?

Thanks in advance.



Re: MeetingPlace 7 Questions

Number of MeetingPlace Web servers:

- depends on the load, and whether external attendance (outside your organisation) is required. For enterprises you will use a minimum of 1 internal, 1 external server.

- Database is dependant whether you design for fault tolerance, and load related. On a MP Web server is okay, as long as you know the risks involved.

For the further description following URL may help you

New Member

Re: MeetingPlace 7 Questions

I have read every piece of published and unpublished docuementation regarding MP7. None of it really answers the questsions I asked. I understand the design of scalability for MP7. 500 users per web server if it is non-SSL. You should have the internal and external databases off-box to provide scalability....I get that.

Any other answers would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance,


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