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MeetingPlace and Dynamic DNS


im trying to setup MeetingPlace in an effort to gain some experience. I do not have a static public IP but i do use Dynamic DNS for some other apps and VPN. I have already installed MP and ive associated the system with a DYNDNS hostname.

When i try the url externally (wrt my network) i get to the admin centre (50% there im thinking). If i schedule a meeting, it adds extra stings to the orginial hostname and im reaching an error stating that the administration centre does not understand that part of the url. Of course basically it does not know how to resolve the entire url and im almost certain if i add this new url with the added strings, it will work.

My question is, the url string will never be constant and my lack of understanding with respect to web design/understanding leads me to ask, how is this normally acheived? How can i have MP accessible over the Internet with the constantly changing url?


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Re: MeetingPlace and Dynamic DNS


DNS only resolves the 'host' part of the URL. A URL may be like so:

So in that example, http:// denotes the protocol (may be http, https, ftp etc), is the host (well, www is the host/server, and is the domain), and then the /stuff/etc/boring.asp is the path to the web page on the www server/host computer you want to access. Anything after the ? is a parameter that is passed to the page, and & seperates multiple parameters.

So if you have your (or, whatever you have set up) working consistently, then your DNS is OK. If you can ping and see your correct IP address returned, DNS is OK.

The stuff after the host part of the URL is going to be different for each Meeting, and that is normal.



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