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need Gateway with more than 4 BRIs

I have a customer with a central site and 8 remote sites, and he wants to enable IP Videoconference between all the sites. At the central site he is planning in a 3510 MCU, and he has an ISDN link (BRI) to each remote site. He wants to include a 3520 with 4 BRI links, but he needs 4 more BRI links, the question is: Can I include 2 3520 Gateways for this? Can I set up a conference between users through the 2 Gateways? If I can not do that, how can I manage this?


Users_A ---ISDN ----3520 -----MCU (LAN Users) -----3520-----ISDN----Users_B

Can I have conference videoconference between all the users? A, B and LAN?



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Re: need Gateway with more than 4 BRIs

Instead of going for one more 3520 you can go for a 3525 which supports PRI interface,which can be used on the central site to recieve the calls from the remote site.

The IP/VC 3525 gateway translates H.323 and H.320 protocols to allow H.320 WAN terminals to participate in H.323 videoconference calls. This gateway supports the PRI interface. Both T1 and E1 are supported, making this gateway suitable for deployment anywhere in the world. The IP/VC 3525 Gateway supports three calls at 384 kbps, four calls on E1, or up to eight calls at 128 kbps. Audio transcoding is also supported as a standard feature for optimal audio quality.

The IP/VC 3525 Gateway also houses an embedded gatekeeper.

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Re: need Gateway with more than 4 BRIs

OK, but what if the customer wants to deal with BRI circuits (not PRI), could I use more than one 3520 and enabling VC´s between them?

Does the 3520 house an embedded gatekeeper?


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