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Need help for VideoConf QoS


Currently i have deployed voip and video conferencing. But the problem now is that whenever im using the videoconf, im getting choppy voice. i dedicated one leased line for videoconf and another for voip and data, i also used PBR for the videoconf. please help what should i do to get over the choppy voice whenever im using videoconf.



Re: Need help for VideoConf QoS

How have you classifed your Voice media, including the voice for your Video conferencing?

When you refer to the fact that you experience choppy voice, is this across all VoIP call or only your Video calls?

Is all voice media (rtp) routed across a specific leased line? Or is it seperated between the two lease lines, for example all video including the voice media is routed across one link, and all IP Phone voice media route across the other?

Which of these is affected by choppy voice?

If I read correctly between the lines, your problem is the voice across the Video conference? If this is the case then ensure that you have configure LLQ for your EF traffic, and this it not classified together with Video (AF41) in a single class.

Can you post the configuration of the gateway to identify how you have classifed your traffic.

Have you consider NBAR for protocol discovery when classifying traffic for your class-maps. This can ensure that you are classify the media correctly.

for example:-

class-map match-any VIDEO

match protocol rtsp

match ip dscp AF41

class-map match-any VOIP-RTP

match protocol rtp

match ip dscp EF


policy-map CBWFQ-QOS-2Mb

class VOIP-RTP

priority 160


bandwidth 400

class class-default




policy-map Shape-QOS-2Mb

class class-default

shape average 2048000

service-policy CBWFQ-QOS-2Mb


Hope this helps.


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