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Need to change the source UDP ports and have to define range ... Cisco 7206 VXR

We want to change the source UDP ports and have to define range (5060 - 5081) for destination IP =

We  send call on on destination port 5060 (SIP) but the  carrier wants that our source UDP ports should also be in range of 5060 -  5081 which is the authentication parameters their side.

Example is here
When we run the command Sh ip sockets on cisco 7206 vxr we get below o/p

17   11875     17435     0   0   21   0
17    15329     19327     0   0   21   0
17   5060     58659     0   0  215   0
17 50275     18441    0   0   21   0
17 51771     16755    0   0   21   0

Above output is explained as:

- protocol used (TCP or UDP), 17 = UDP
- Source IP
- Source port (we need to define this in range this is the issue)
- destination IP
- destination port

In  the above o/p the local ports which you see is randomly selected by  CISCO we wish that these are randomly chosen in range of 5060 - 5081.

The IOS = IOS (tm) 7200 Software (C7200-P-M), Version 12.3(3b), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

We  tried ip nbar custom command but it is not supported, only below  options are available in ip bnar (no idea where to define a range).
  pdlm       PDL (protocol description language) Module
  port-map   Map well-known port of a protocol to a new port
  resources  Configure memory usage for tracking Stateful sessions

We  appreciate if someone can help to solve this issue and meet our service  provider's requirement of using specific source ports when sockets are  established.


Cisco Employee

Re: Need to change the source UDP ports and have to define range

One option is to use "connection-reuse" cli under sip-ua configuration mode.



This will enable the 7200 to create a connection with source and destination udp port number set to 5060. This feature is available in IOS 12.4(25d) which requires minimum of 256 / 512MB DRAM (depends on the feature set) and flash of 48 MB.

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