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Network Mgmt needs CDR File Time Interval set to 2 Billing needs 1440

I am a router/switch network management guy and have a VoIP Call manager question that I was hoping this group could help me understand better.

My group recently purchased EMC SMARTS VoIP Perf manager (A OEM of Prognosis VoIP Manager)  to monitor our small but growing Cisco VoIP  deployment.  The voice group at our company currently outsources VoIP billing to a 3rd party company.  The 3rd party billing outsourcing service had our VoIP group set CDR File Time Interval set to 14400 and every day the 24 hr CDR data file is securely transfered to the 3rd party. The 3rd party billing service wants only one file per day and not several. 

Now EMC SMARTS VoIP PErm Manager needs Call Managers configured so File Time Interval is set to 2 minutes on the Call Managers.  So the question I have is how can we set CDR File Time Interval equal to 2 minutes while still providing the 3rd party billing service one 24 hour CDR data file per day.

We can probably create a custom job ourselves to append the multiple CDR data files into one 24 hour data file for the 3rd party billing service but my question here is whether there is a easier way ? 


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