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one side video freezing


we are making end-up to end-up videoconferences through a frame relay connection using two 3620 routers. Both routers have fast ethernet interfaces. One has a HSSI interface and the other a serial one.

The problem we have is that there are some video freezings, but just on one side, on the other there are no porblems. We haven't found any error in the fast ethernets' "show interface" outputs. The only errors we have found are a low number (less than 10 per minute) of input errors in the HSSI inteface of one of the routers (the one located on the side with freezing problems). Could this be the cause of the freezings? Where could those errors come from? How can we eliminate them?

thank you

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Re: one side video freezing

We frequently see the problem you describe associated with NIC mismatches between switch and terminal when auto negotiate is enabled. Try manually setting the switch and NIC to a specific setting - i.e., 10-full, 100-half, whatever you desire - and this should clear up the problem. If not, try posting another message or call Cisco TAC. Hope this helps.

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Re: one side video freezing

Thanks for your answer.

We have already done that. There is no duplex mismatch nor errors in the fast ethernet interfaces. The only errors we have are in the HSSI interface. We have done videoconferences at a bitrate of 192kbps with no packet loss, but at 256 kbps we start having packet loss.

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