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Here is the senario, I have a CCM with 4.2 on it and a valcom paging unit. In between there is a H323, a PRI to a MITEL PBX which has an analog port going towards the paging system. When I call from the Cisco phone to a MITEL phone I have two way audio. If I call the paging system, I recieve a tone telling me I am connected to it, I can also dial digits on the keypad and here them across the speakers. My problem is that shen I speak and it is not playing across the speakers. I have even put a butt set on the pair going towards the valcom to see if I hear voice and nothing.


Re: Paging

can you please provide the configuration of your h323 gateway as well as any voip gateways in between?

also, can you provide the parameters of the mitel connection to the paging system.

(not that i'm familiar with the mitel or valcom but this may help)

you can run a few debugs on the h323 gateway to verify call setup and teardown, etc.:

'debug cch323 h225'

'debug cch323 h245'

'debug h245'

'debug h225'

'debug voip ccapi inout'

'show h323 gateway' to view statistics on the h323 messages sent/received.

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Re: Paging

Below are some of the things you asked for. only the ccapi debug returned any information. I am unable to get parameters of the mitel. But I can tell you that paging is working from the mitel system when dialing the same number. The number to be dialed is 107401.

I have attached a file with a 'sho run', 'debug voip ccapi inout', and 'sho h323 gateway'. I am still able to pass keys tones across the speaker when trying to display all of these debugs.

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