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Polycom 512 registration rejected


I have a IP/VC 3525 gateway that has just been installed and have been transfering our Polycom 512 ViewStations from their ISDN lines to use the gateway with no problems until today.

I have 3 units sucessfully installed but the 4th and 5th units that have just been installed registers the first time that it is connected and then the TTL times out and the unit is not able to re-register with the gateway.

I have tried making the unit predefined and always on but with the same results.

The working Polycoms are on SW ver 7.0.1 and 7.2

The Polycoms that are not working are using version 7.0.1 and 7.0.3

The IP/VC Version numbers are:

Unit Version:

Gatekeeper Version:

Stack Version:

MIB Version: 2.2

The error registration rejection message that I receive is:

< GK: 0029:38:43 [10674306] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 _______________________________________________________block 24556 [10674306] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 Registration Request from ip nnn.nnn.123.252:2052 [10674306] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 rgutilAssignRegistration didn't find vacant entry [10674307] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 cann't assign registration [10674307] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 rgutilAssignRegistration didn't find vacant entry [10674307] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 Rejecting transaction with reason 0 [10674307] >

< GK: 0029:38:43 sending event RRJSent [10674308] >

< GK: !!!!! EXCEPTION2. 0029:38:43 using invalid handle. authentication failure in handle2Reg called by gkrgiCloseHandle [1>

< GK: !!!!! EXCEPTION2. 0029:38:43 dispEvRASRequest error [10674308] >

Thanks in advance



Re: Polycom 512 registration rejected


This seems to be a bug in the GateKeeper. Check out the bug CSCdv77863 for more details. This could be if you are using dynamic IP addresses and each time the Gateways are getting different IP addresses for registering themselves.If this is the case, then the solution would be to use the same ip addresses everytime they try re-registering. Or it could be a bug in the Polycom itself. In any case you can use the debug commands to find out the reason behind it.

Hope this solves the problem.

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Re: Polycom 512 registration rejected

Thanks for you advise.

The problem turned out to be a bug in the software version that I mentioned. Cisco sent a newer version and it cured the problem. (TAC Case: D467934 - software bug in version which with certain versions of polycom software causes a TTL failure on the gatekeeper.)

The new version issued was:



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