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Polycom MCU registration problem

I'm installing a small H.323 network which uses the gatekeeper included in IOS H.323 version 12.3 (it is in a Cisco 2610XM)

I have a MCU which is contained in an Polycom iPower 9800. This equipment is a video terminal too. Ihave other video terminals and a H.320-H.323 gateway.

The gatekeeper register all video terminals and the gateway, but it can't register the MCU and then I can't use it.

I have done an h225 asn1 debug and I got:

02:20:48: RAS OUTGOING PDU ::=

value RasMessage ::= registrationReject :


requestSeqNum 8

protocolIdentifier { 0 0 8 2250 0 4 }

rejectReason invalidAlias : NULL

gatekeeperIdentifier {"GK_UTE"}


I have followed the instructions provided in "gk-reg-issues.pdf" cisco public document, but the problem remains.

Please help me.


Re: Polycom MCU registration problem

There might be several reasons...

One most probable reason is your MCU might be trying to register with multiple h323 id's and that is what is causing the problem. This MCU should only register with one h323 id, and it is possible to configure zone prefizes or gw-type prefixes to route the particular prefixes to that gateway.

Second probable reason is MCU registration entry is predefined at gatekeeper. Delete it and try to register. Another possible solution is set mode of MCU to GW, then reset it and try to register.

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Re: Polycom MCU registration problem


I've solved the problem. It was related to the domain included in the h.323 alias of the MCU.

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Re: Polycom MCU registration problem

if ur online, can u help me with the regarding the polycom registration in MCU.. thank you.

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