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Polycom sip phone cme

has anyone been able to register a polycom sip phone on a callmanager express? i especially need help on configuring the polycom phone

Cisco Employee

Re: Polycom sip phone cme

I have not been able to get the 3rd Party Polycom SIP phone to register with Call Manager Express either. The feedback I am getting is that 3rd Party SIP Phones are curently not being supported on Call Manager Express.

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: Polycom sip phone cme

Hi Shawn/Dennis,

Have a look at this good note from Tony Huyhn, a technical marketing engineer for Cisco CallManager Express (CME) at Cisco Systems. This answer is from a current "Ask the Expert" event on CME.

Yes, you can register (Cisco only) sip phones to CME as of CME 3.4, IOS 12.4(4)T

Here is the thread;

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: Polycom sip phone cme

thanks for the link, Rob.

I actually was able to get one of the Line buttons to register on CME as an extension. i can make calls to other extensions and call this extension but am unable to call out the PSTN.

the phone doesn't register though, but the line button does. not very familiar with Polycom phones which is my issue.

New Member

Re: Polycom sip phone cme

I just got this to work with a SoundPoint 501. Took some fiddling, but phone is registered and seems to work Ok. Still working on some issues with WMI and getting the messages button to work correctly, but the phone is registered.

here is the config:

voice register global

mode cme

source-address port 5060

max-dn 200

max-pool 20

timezone 13

tftp-path slot0:

create profile sync 0390651099874124

ntp-server mode directedbroadcast


voice register dn 1

number 4020

allow watch


voice register template 1

session-transport udp

softkeys hold Resume Newcall

softkeys idle Newcall Redial Cfwdall

softkeys connected Endcall Trnsfer Confrn Hold

voicemail 4200 timeout 30


voice register dialplan 1

type 7940-7960-others

pattern 1 4...

pattern 2 ....

pattern 3 .


voice register pool 1

id mac 0004.F213.2465

type P600

number 1 dn 1

dialplan 1

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

voice-class codec 1

New Member

Re: Polycom sip phone cme

Hi derek

I saw you reply , do i need to do anything other than above configuration

do i need any files on the TFTP server for polycom, i am trying to configure polycom 560



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