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Problem registering MCU to CUVCM 5.7

I have a solution with a CUVCM 5.7 and two MCUs 3545. When I look in the Resource Manager form the CUVCM, in one MCU i get the following message "The system cannot detect that the MCU is registered to the gatekeeper. This may be caused by the following resasons:

-The MCU is not registered to the gatekeeper.

-The gatekeeper SNMP community name is incorrectly configured so that the system cannot retrieve the registration status of the MCU fron the Gatekeeper"

If I check the MCU and gatekeeper, the MCU is registered and I check that the SNMP community is properly configured, but this message appears again. I restarted the MCU and CUVCM too, the message appears only with one MCU.

When I schedule a meeting in the MCU with problems the conference worked fine, but the MCU cannot dial to the endpoints automatically, I 've to wait until the meeting begins and then dial to the endpoint.

Could you advise me what can i do to resolve this issue??

Thanks in advance

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Re: Problem registering MCU to CUVCM 5.7


I guess you may have to open a TAC request because I've never seen this kind of error. It looks that you need some fix to be installed into the MCU

May be the Cisco's TAC guys can help you, they have more tools and patches and fixes and probably they have a new version to be provided to you...


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Re: Problem registering MCU to CUVCM 5.7

Just to clarify: Is the MCU registered to an external (IOS) gatekeeper or  the internal gatekeeper on the VCM?

Also, have you performed a synchronise between the VCM and MCU?



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