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problem with video


We are using Cisco IP/VC 3540 (H.323) MCU,and Cisco 3662 Multimedia Conferencing Manager as a Gatekeeper,and Polycom View Stations 128” are connected through Cisco 3662 Router fast Ethernet port ,are using as H.323 End points to the Cisco 3540 MCU.At a time there is total 30 party are connected during conference.But the problem is,few of our end party are getting freezing in there video,but this is only one side freezing,from here i am not getting any freezing only he is obsrving this.And what i have seen in our router the fast ethernet port experiencing high collision and defferred rate.What is the problem of one side poor video quality,pls help me in this regard urgently.


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Re: problem with video


When a call is established, Polycom keeps track of all video packets. You can telnet into the polycom and monitor this close-up. The Polycom reports the latency in H323 packets, the lost video or audio packets. The Polycom debugs are readable and indicate problems when it may be hard to notice them on a video screen.

Some of the most common video problems, such as freezing, come from Ethernet duplex and/or speed mismatch. If the Ethernet counters indicate large number of CRC/frame/deferred packets, video quality will degrade considerably, so the first checkpoint is making sure all LAN interfaces run error-free.


Other similar problem occur when WAN link has CRC errors, You can verify it, with a ping command, you check that, and remember on min time delay for video is 150ms

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Re: problem with video

We often see this problem when there is a NIC mismatch. Note that Polycom units support only 10MB half-duplex on their NICs. Hardcode your switch port to that setting and it should clear up your problem. If not, I suggest opening a TAC case for more comprehensive help

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