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Problem with VTA and MCU

VTA 2.0.2

CCM 4.1(3)sr3c

MCU3515-12 with 5.0.58 running in SSCP mode.

All works as expected upto 3 parties in both ad-hoc and meetme.

When 4 parties involved works fine with meetme, but not with ad-hoc. The person initiating the conference only sees 2 parties, others see the other 3 ok (but only when enabled "no self see"). When "no self see" is disabled, initiating party still only sees 2 others, and the others get a black screen.

The CCM meetme & ad-hoc max number is set to 6.

All parties are in the same location/region so no B/W issues. All running G711.

Anyone seen similar problems?

Many thanks.


Re: Problem with VTA and MCU

The issue is that it can hold only upto two neighboring parties and to resolve the issue it can be upgraded to other version where it can hold upto more than two parties.

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Re: Problem with VTA and MCU

Can you explain further. Do you mean upgrade the MCU code? It seems to be on the latest already. The same goes for the VTA code.


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Re: Problem with VTA and MCU

I am running the same configuration with the same issues. Did we come up with a resolution?

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Re: Problem with VTA and MCU

Unfortunately no resolution as yet. I was kind of hoping Gabriel would explain further what he meant.

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Re: Problem with VTA and MCU


I had the same issue, but when I changed MCU software to (MCU) and (EMP) problem is resolved.



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