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Qos for remote branch video phones

We have recently rolled out a Tandberg video phone for testing in branches.

We have a MPLS WAN with 9Meg (X6 T1s) at the main site and a full T1 at the branches, including the one with the phone.

We also have six other branches utilizing the Main branch with cisco VoIP.

Currently there is only one phone at the test branch an very little other traffic.

When we do a test call, the Main branch sees and hears the remote branch clearly, but at the remote branch, (what the remote end user sees) the video resolution is not as good as I would like.

The voice quality is good, but the video resolution is blocky and fuzzy on the remote side only.

There does not seem to be any skipping or break up of the video, the movement of the user seen on the remote end is fluid, but the resolution could be much better.

Would this be a QoS issue, or something else?

I can see the policy getting hit with no drops on the voice ACL.

We also have 768K of CAR from provider on the T1 links.

I have a full T1 in the branch with the following policy:

policy-map P-QoS

class VOICE

priority 512

set dscp ef

class DATA-Priority

set dscp af31

bandwidth 128

class class-default

set dscp default



Which is pretty straight forward.

Any ideas?


Re: Qos for remote branch video phones

Some of the most common video problems, such as freezing, come from Ethernet duplex and/or speed mismatch. If the Ethernet counters indicate large number of CRC/frame/deferred packets, video quality will degrade considerably, so the first checkpoint is making sure all LAN interfaces run error-free.

If it is blurry or grainy image in Local or Remote Video window please adjust the focus ring (the black ring around the camera lens) to get a sharper image.

Troubleshooting Cisco VT Advantage:

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