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Questions about VoIP, Can anybody help me?

Hi All,

I am learning VoIP now and I have serveral questions:

1. when I use "destination-pattern" command in "dial-peer" command, how will the number forwarded? For example: If I want to forward the number 123456 to ip x.x.x.x. If I use "destination-pattern 12...." to identify the number, the router will forward 123456 to x.x.x.x or 3456 to x.x.x.x? I think the answer is 123456. Am I right? And If I am right, there is another issue. What should I do if I just want to forward 3456 when received 123456? I think this is helpful to implement the dialing plan to use some digits as a prefix and discard the prefix to forward to another destination when received the number.

2. Can cisco router only support e.164 numbering plan? Can I use another? How can I explicity config the numbering plan in the router?

3. If there is a case like this:


R2 and R3 is connected via frame-relay. So when I use the "dial-peer" command in R1 and R4, should I use "voip" or "vofr" parameter?

Thank You!

Best Regards

Teru Lei

New Member

Re: Questions about VoIP, Can anybody help me?

1) Here is an example of a dial-peer

Dial-peer voice 123456 voip #this mean this is a voip type dial peer name #123456

destination-pattern 123456T # mean when you will call 123456 and any number after that it will go to this dial peer

session target ipv4: # this will fwd the packet to that IP when you #will call 123456......

If you like to call somthing and send somthing else you can do translation rule

translation-rule 1

Rule 1 123456 3456

and on the dial-peer you need to set

translate-outgoing calling 1

2) Yes it support E.164

3) I would reccomand to use VOIP

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