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Router selection for Video Phone

We are implementing several additional sites to our existing network that will have only ATM machines at each location

for financial transactions and a Tandberg Video Phone for communicication with our clients.

The Video Phone will integrate with Call Manager.

We are using g711 internally to make branch calls and are looking at the Public Series "Tandberg Utility" phone.

I believe we will need at least a T1 pipe to do the video and handle the ATM transactions at the same time.

According to Tandberg's documentation:

"Choice of Network: up to 384 kbps ISDN/768 kbps IP (H.323 or SIP)"

Why is the requirement differnet for the two types of network?

I am trying to determine what all is needed on the router to acomplish this and what platform router will work.

For example, do I need any voice modules with DSPs to utilize the Video Phone on our network?

Or is just IP communication all that is needed?

Is just an IP IOS on the router enough?

Would an 1800 series do the job easily?

I talked with a Tandberg rep and he said the basically the phone will be using an RTP stream, but I do not know what he is talking about.

Does anyone have any input on this?

Below are the specs on the phone:

• Choice of Network: up to 384 kbps ISDN/768 kbps IP (H.323 or SIP)

• Superior video quality incorporating the H.264 standard

• Highest level of embedded encryption as well as IEEE 802.1x and H.235 authentication for security

• IPv6 support

• Protection against network interruptions with automatic Downspeeding and IPLR

• XGA LCD Screen

View presentations and presenter simultaneously with DuoVideo and H.239 Dual Stream

• TANDBERG ExpresswayTM Technology

• Auto-dial and accept calls when handset is lifted


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Re: Router selection for Video Phone

Hi, what is your physical connection to the network? Based on that you will choose the router model, then there are choices for the feature set to be ordered, but to choose that you need input from your network manager or the partner that oversees your network.

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Re: Router selection for Video Phone

Thanks for the reply.

We will have a T1 MPLS. I was going to get a WIC T1 CSU/DSU card for the router, but I was looking for more along the lines of:

Is there anything the router will need to do from a feature standpoint or just to route IP for the video phone?

I was wondering if the router needed to do anything from a voice standpoint (DSPs) or just IP Base would be enough

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Re: Router selection for Video Phone

Hi, IP base is fine, you don't need anything else.

It wold be good if your SP can give priority to the video packets, but that is not even necessary in most cases.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Router selection for Video Phone


What is the Tandberg rep talking about when he says:

"Use a Tandberg Video Communication Server to create the H.225 trunk between the H.323 video systems and the skinny phones."

Also the documentations shows:

"Choice of network:

Up to 384K ISDN, 768K for IP.

The video system supports H323 over IP

or SIP video over IP."

Can you explain why the bandwidth is different over the different networks?

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Re: Router selection for Video Phone

Hi, likely the tandberg server can be configured to communicate with cisco ccm or ccme for video calls.

Bandwidth 384 comes from the past when it was found as the minimum needed to give good result over ISDN (6 x B-channels). Now with IP a larger bw is used for even better quality.

Thanks for the nice rating and good luck!

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Re: Router selection for Video Phone

I am working on a similar project. Can you contact me? I would like to discuss my installation.



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